A market place for roasters, the serious capsule user & coffee aficionado

At the My Coffee Capsule Emporium, you will directly access the finest providers of quality Nespresso compatible prefilled coffee capsules and their premium coffee beans.

We are big believers in providing opportunities for roasters, coffee growers and particularly the small players that have fantastic coffee and need support to get their product in the market place.

At the Emporium, discover and purchase some of the most innovative, exciting, rare and delightful artisan produced coffee capsules for your Nespresso machine.

If you wish to fill your single use or reusable empty capsules with one of our Emporium fine roasted bean selections, you can request that they be ground and ready to use with your Nespresso machine compatible capsules.

As a guide, an empty capsule takes 5 grams of ground coffee.

100 grams of ground coffee will fill 20 capsules, 250 grams 50 capsules and 1 kg 100 capsules.

The Nespresso grind is equally suitable for plungers, percolators, stove tops, espresso machines and most coffee making methods and devices.