Reveal the delicate aromas and subtle flavours.

Cap’Mundo coffees have been developed by a team of passionate and skilled people with only one objective in mind: quality at all stages. The team comprise the early pioneers and innovators of the Nespresso compatible capsules field and they proudly say:
Cap’Mundo brings all the richness and diversity of the world’s premium prized coffees to your cup. In making our unique blends we relied upon our extensive knowledge of local growing conditions and of each individual producer’s techniques, further refining the process by
using our traditional roasting method to bring out the aromas and flavours of the country of origin of these coffees.
The Cap’Mundo’s range will be sold primarily by coffee specialists, gourmet shops, coffee roasters and a specialized distribution network.
All Cap’Mundo coffees have been developed by working closely with green coffee specialists and artisan coffee roasters with one objective in mind: quality at all stages starting with sourcing, green coffee selection, roasting, blending, grinding, filling and packaging.
To ensure the highest possible standards of flavour, the beans ​from each area are roasted separately in order for the raw coffee to reveal the complexities of its origin and the subtle flavours that give it distinction. Using slow roasting techniques, we the roasting process to extract all the aromas and flavours to their fullest and finest quality. It is only after roasting is done that the blending of our single origins is completed.​ Each quality ingredient that goes into the assemblage of our coffee creations enjoys a separate, slow and traditional artisan roasting. This time-honoured method, combined with the principle of blending after roasting allows us to optimise the elegance and aromatic richness of each of our creations and to extract all the aromas and flavours to their fullest and finest quality


Each Cap’Mundo capsule is individually sealed using Capsul’in Pro capsules under protected atmosphere to preserve the maximum freshness in a clean and germ-free environment.

The very elegant and vintage box containing 10 Cap’Mundo capsules has been designed to enhance our key message: quality and tradition in a compatible Nespresso capsule.

The filling of the capsule is done in our production facility which is BRC / IFS certified.

Creation of our blends

Our exclusive Cap’Mundo blends have been carefully crafted by our team of artisan coffee experts, who were able to optimize the extraction potential of our Nespresso compatible capsule. The result is a perfect flow, subtle flavours and a fantastic crema in the cup.

Our capsules are compatible with all Nespresso machines currently sold in Australia and offer superior compatibility in all areas compared with other third-party capsules.

You will appreciate the results of the exemplary quality of Cap’ Mundo.
Cap’ Mundo is produced in France and is compliant with all ECU standards.



Standard Range


Powerful, woody & spicy


Sophisticated, woody & spicy


Well-balanced & savoury


Well-balanced, woody & fruity


Mild, woody & savoury


Mild, savoury & fruity

Single Origins


Intense, floral & citrus


Intense, fruity & delicious